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Jordan 1 Shadow Pre Orders

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Sole Search Service Now Available: 

Any shoe you are looking for we will find for you. All you will need to do is fill out the form and we will get back with you in 24 hours or less.

Shoe Insurance Now Available:

Introducing the first shoe insurance for your shoe. SneakerBeaterz presents to you a insurance that takes all of the hassle of keeping your shoe up. Our service provides 4 moderate repairs and year and 8 general cleanings after you have use this threshold. The repairs will be discounted and cleanings will be free as long as integrity is being used. The deposit is $25 and you will pay $10 monthly so on. To purchase one must purchase the deposit in the shop and then set up payment plan below. Once these two functions are complete your shoes are insured!

     Recycled Shoe Club:

Welcome to the Snkbtz Shoe Club experience. This club offers exclusive shoes for exclusive prices that will always be lower than the shoe current market. All shoes have been pre owned and have been refurbished by SneakerBeaterz to give the products life again. Once you have signed up for the membership you will have access to this club immediately. Memberships fees are $10 per month. There is a limit of 3 shoe purchases total weekly. New inventory will be updated on the site weekly. Stay Tuned for more details!

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